New favorite book: Wyldsight!

This week I got a present in the mail from one of my stolen brothers. (I have no blood brothers of my own, so I have to steal them from other people.) It’s his newest creation: a slim volume of fantasy stories called Wyldsight.
Now, I am already a folklore and fantasy junkie. And he knows this. What he didn’t know was that I would devour this collection in less than a day, be brought to laughter and to tension by the words on its pages, and decide immediately that this little book, which holds so much more wisdom and awesomeness than its slimness implies, shall be required reading from now on for people I really want to have in my life until the end.

So here’s a shout out for Satyros, but also for my mermaid girls, my wolf grandmothers, my shape changers, and my dearest friends. I think you need this in your hands and on your shelf. I am telling you because I love you. Because it matters. 🙂

The stories that hit me hardest in this collection, and thus the ones I love the best, are called Waves, Elynne Dragonchild, and Gramma Wolf’s Garden.

Here is Satyr’s Facebook post about the physical book, and here is the ebook on Smashwords for $1.99!

Satyr's new short story collection. And my fuzzy monster slippers.
Satyr’s new short story collection. And my fuzzy monster slippers.