New interview + live from my bathroom??

Tonight, if you’re free, join me in the YouTube chat for “Witches & Wine”, a casual interview show which welcomed Ryan and me as their guests for their most recent episode! Here’s the link, set up as a premiere for this evening. If you miss it, no worries; the show will be available to watch later without the live chat.

CW: visible alcohol in glasses & a wine bottle; adult language, magical practice, parenting. You’ll also hear my one and only song about a butthole, currently exclusive to the interview. Surprise!

And now for the silliest guest star opportunity I’ve accepted this year (it’s gonna be great)!

Many of you already know my band buddies Tuatha Dea from Tennessee. If you don’t, look them up. I love this band to death, and they’ve always felt like family when we’ve had the good luck to share shows over the past five years. We keep in touch pretty regularly, and so when Danny got in touch last week, I didn’t turn down the chance to be part of their Patreon concert this coming Sunday, even with the added condition that I would have to be brave/silly enough to perform for you IN MY BATHROOM.

Did I mention said bathroom looks like a mermaid cave?

Support the band for $20 to watch this ridiculousness, plus all their other streamed concerts for the month! It’s a steal.

Hoping this post cheers y’all up a tiny bit whenever you see it. Love you, stay safe, wash your hands, don’t lose heart.