New interview, online shows April 22 & 25!

Online Concert Thing, the platform that hosts my online shows, has a new YouTube channel, and we’ve put up a short interview video from me, just under five minutes. Watch below if you please (and find out what I had for breakfast, lol, plus how it feels to do more online shows vs. in-person shows).  Captions coming soon.

I promised to film a second exclusive for the channel as soon as it got its first 100 subscribers, and that goal is now met! I’ve had requests for a mini tour of the pretty trees and flowers where I live (and where it’s safe to show them to you whilst also social distancing & staying home), recording studio time, and a new song.  I’m thinking of combining all three of those somehow.

Reminder: Celia and I BOTH have live online shows for Earth Day (tomorrow, April 22) hosted by – I start at 2pm CDT/7pm GMT, and she starts at 7pm CDT! Make a day of it with us if you have the time.  Just click the link above for tickets and more info.  

If you miss my Earth Day show, don’t worry.  You can watch it again at that same link, on April 25th at 8pm CDT during our 2-act replay–my Earth Day set is Act 1, and my Evening in Eleusis show inspired by the Greek gods and myths, never before streamed on the platform, is Act 2! You’re also welcome to become a monthly or yearly subscriber, or join my Patreon. With either of those, regardless of the subscription or pledge level you choose, you’ll get access to the archived videos, which I’ll share early next month.

Hang in there, everyone.  Thanks for staying connected with me during this strange springtime of ours.  Hope to see you for one or both of the online shows this week.