New Interview posted at Aedicula Antinoi!

My scholarly friend P. Sufenas Virius Lupus asks very good, very complex questions.  As a result, this interview was a year in the making!  I got to talk about everything from collaborating on music with friends to my favorite spooky story!   Check it out at the link below.

Excerpt:  The thing about Sirens and Merforlk and River Deities (and Kelpies and Selkies and Glashtyn and Jenny Greenteeth and all the rest) is that they’re consistent. They’re true to what they are. It’s not personal. The voice of “Wild River Child” is warning the listener that she’s going to be true to what she is, and how the listener proceeds after gaining that knowledge is up to them. “I’ll wash your soul away”, she sings, and she means it on every possible level. The water fae and shapeshifters of Scottish and Irish folklore have always held fascination for me. I wanted to do honor to their river- and swamp-dwelling cousins in the Southern United States, not for the first time.