New Podcast goodness!

Aleen Simms and K. Tempest Bradford, both brilliant creatives & awesome beings as far as I’m concerned, wove me deftly into their conversation on the most recent episode of their shared podcast, Originality.  The ep is solid & sounds great, and it features some of everyone’s most beloved Betsy Tinney songs, too!  “Alligator in the House” and “Dryad’s Promise” both get a little featured air time.  Good choices!  During each episode so far, Tempest and Aleen have played clips of guest interviews, sharing smart, nourishing, spontaneous discussion around the things that come up in those clips.  They’re great pod hosts, and this is their seventh episode.

Listen here!

When Tempest interviewed me, we talked about a little bit of everything: following your bliss & doing the work, what privilege looks like for those of us who work for ourselves, knowing where the line is between independence and self-sabotage, writing what we love, and collaboration.  Since episode 8 will be all about collaboration, Tempest said in this episode that she’ll be including some more of our interview in that episode.  

Check out the podcast here.  Support and subscribe if you’re able! 


I hope y’all enjoy listening and have some toothsome thoughts as you go.  This was an honor for me!