New Song for April Fool’s Day

I’m part of a group this year whose members have accepted a challenge to write a brand new song every week. My #songwriting prompt for the #Soulwriters2¬†group last week was “Jokers Wild”. This is what I ended up writing. Normally I wouldn’t share my rough tracks, but it’s April Fool’s Day. ūüôā I have several layers of emotional attachment to April 1st, thanks to a spiritual teacher of mine who’s passed away. So this is a bit of a tribute to her, as well as a legit prayer to various Trickster god forms.

Read on for the lyrics.

Trickster Prayer

c. S. J. Tucker 2015; all rights reserved.

Jokers wild Cloudy skies
Lights go down New sunrise
Temple burns Mothers weep
Trickster, guard my fitful sleep


Aces high Spirits low
Always on with the show
Rules to break Vows to keep
Trickster, guard my fitful sleep


Pokerface Suckerpunch
Amazing Grace Naked Lunch
Battlestar Quantum Leap
Trickster, guard my fitful sleep


Spidersong Rabbitsilk
Jackal purr¬†Raven’s milk
Fairytales softly creep
Trickster, guard my fitful sleep


I know you’ve been
As gentle as you can
In sleeping or in waking
I keep my courage
Very close at hand
And pretend I am


Heavy crown Thistledown
Wicked smile Silly frown
Love’s embrace¬†No mistake
Trickster, guide me when I wake


Cuddle tight Kill the light
Bring the love and not the fight
Morning coffee Evening tears
Trickster, please stay right here


I know you’ll be
As gentle as you can
I’ll be at my bravest
Stick to the road
Follow all the plan
No matter how it changes…