New song released today!

I’m releasing my song “Outlast” today for the first time!  

You’re all welcome to “Follow” me on Bandcamp as well.  I tend to release new music there first, as it takes less time than with CD Baby and Spotify and all the rest for my new stuff to become available- no waiting period, I just click “publish” when I’m ready, and it’s available to everybody right then and there.

I wrote this song during the latter half of 2019. This week (Sept 1, 2021) I decided it was time to polish it up for release. A recent live performance of this that I filmed for my YouTube channel less than a week ago resonated with a whole lot of people, lots of you telling me that this was just what you needed to hear.  Watch that at this link if you haven’t seen it yet:
Please choose your own price to download this newly released song.  If you need it for free, come on and get it.  If you purchase it at any price, today being Bandcamp Friday means I’ll get a little bit of an extra cut! 

My hope is that download sales of “Outlast” this Friday will help me turn around and send a donation both to local organizations on the ground in Louisiana and Mississippi who are getting supplies to people without power or shelter after Hurricane Ida, AND to reproductive choice mutual aid and support organizations in Texas.  Also, of course, I hope y’all enjoy the song.

Later this month, I’ll be cohosting something special with Heather Dale, a little revival of our Queens of Avalon musical!  Come join the watch party on September 26th:

Thanks for your ears, your support, and for believing in me. 
Please stay safe and well until we can see each other face to face.  We are built to outlast.  May it be so.