New song today, online show July 19!

It’s about halfway between “Chalk on the Sidewalk” and “1157” in groove and emotion, and it was inspired by recent acts of what’s been called magical activism.  My hope is that it will recharge us all a bit, most especially those who’ve been hard at work, whether that work involves keeping their communities going however they can, keeping the world going as an essential worker, or keeping positive change on the move.  

As it’s Bandcamp Friday today, if you download tunes or purchase CDs from me and from my colleagues who sell our music there, we will get 100% of that income.  It’s not the first time Bandcamp has done that for us since the pandemic arrived, and it makes a huge difference.  Whatever day you happen to download the new song, you may do so at the price of your choice- that includes free.  Thank you all for your listening ears and for your support, always.

Later this month, on Sunday July 19 at 2pm CDT (3 Eastern, 1 Mtn, Noon Pacific, and 7pm GMT), I’ll give an online show over at my usual digital hangout, Online Concert Thing.  I hope you’ll join me! This concert is a themed one, so I’m practicing all my tunes about flying creatures.  Here’s the link to watch, followed by the details:

It’s easy to feel as though we’re hobbled during this particularly strange summer of 2020, easy to feel as if our wings are clipped and bound. Join songwriter S. J. Tucker for a concert filled with original songs to help us get to feeling a little lighter and a little more magical, no matter what. Exclusive tip rewards will be available during the show, including music and video downloads, handwritten lyrics, and hand-painted treasures sure to catch a magpie’s eye. Sooj will present a themed performance on vocals, guitars, and percussion, made up of songs of hers which feature flying creatures. Be welcome. Soar with us for a while.

In the not-distant future, I’ll give two online shows with a little bit of a Tricky Pixie surprise thrown in! Please mark your calendars for my contributions to Virtual Hexenfest 2020, September 11 & 12 at 2pm CDT!  We’ll have firm details and ticket links posted at Online Concert Thing once we’re a little closer to time.

Other fun news:

Song sis Marian Call just released her new record for pre-order!  Get the info and listen to the first single here:

Or cussword-free here:

Canadian song sis Heather Dale has been releasing a whole flock of gorgeous new songs as part of a project she calls Incantations!  More info here:

My dear friend Elizabeth McClellan, poet of no small shakes, launched her Patreon yesterday, and I recommend it:

You are all welcome to join me on Patreon if you like:

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I’ve got some cool sneak peeks in the works to share with subscribers and Patrons for this month. I’ll hopefully have time to gather those goodies this weekend.

Please stay safe this weekend, especially if you’re celebrating.  Hang in there, however you do, because I look forward to the hugs from those who want them when we get through “these wild, wild times.”