News and New Single for you (and for NPR!)

I figured I’d better get this out there since it’s going to be part of an upcoming 2-part episode of Arts & Letters on my local NPR station, KUAR 89.1 FM!  Host Brad is presenting a pair of shows about the short life of Helen Spence, Arkansan outlaw and child of the Lower White River- my song is inspired by the same, and Brad chose to include it at the behest of local author Denise Parkinson, who’s been my buddy and cheerleader ever since her book (yep, the one I’m producing the audiobook for right now) brought us together in 2017.

Help save the bridge in the cover photo

More about the radio show


I’m hitting the road for the first time since January one week from today. By this time next Tuesday, I’ll be setting up for my concert in Lawton, Oklahoma, which is my one stop on the way to the Beltania festival in Colorado.  Help me spread the word?  I wanna fill those seats with friendly faces.  It’s been a while, and this will only be my third trip out of state with the baby boy on board.  Thank you all.

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My next online show will be Sunday, May 19, at 8pm CDT.  I’ll be broadcasting from Colorado, fresh from the Beltania festival, likely with some fun stories to share!  Tune in here.

I’ll be back in northwest Arkansas for a live concert on June 13! Come see me!