Oct 24 Concert Rescheduled for Nov 14!

Tomorrow was to be Conway (Arkansas) Pagan Pride Day’s 2nd annual event, but the organizers have wisely chosen to reschedule the day’s festivities for November 14th.  As I wasn’t looking forward to getting washed away, I’m 100% ok with this. 🙂 Sheldon and the other event wranglers have been extremely accommodating and kind to me ever since they first got in touch with me about performing at the first Conway Pagan Pride Day, which was last fall.  I’m very proud to be part of what they’re doing, and I’m glad they found a way to keep from getting rained out entirely!

Here’s the info on the event as it currently stands.

It’s raining buckets at my house right now, for the first time since I came home to conclude my summer tour last month.  The visiting flocks of wild geese are having a pool party about it.  I’d almost forgotten what rainy days feel like.  Because of this, there’s a joy and excitement in the air, at least for me.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say that that means I need to get out more.  🙂 I freely admit that I’ve missed rainy days, even though a string of them wreaked a bit of havoc on my summer concerts.  Sometimes it’s good to have a day to appreciate small changes, rain drops, and quiet.   Hope you’re having a day of contentment, too.