Online show Aug 22 + Bandcamp Friday Aug 6!

Hello, beloved folx!

My next online show will be this month on August 22nd, at 2pm Central!  Come see our first Online Concert Thing variety show, featuring showcases of two performers new to the platform, Meren King and Cloud the Pagan Rapper!  I’ll be the headliner and the emcee (Mythpunk of Ceremonies).

A whole bunch of my besties also have concerts at OCT this month: Betsy & Alec & Vixy & Tony & friends have created virtual Music Under the Trees for us this Aug 7 and 8, and Renée Janski will give her first concept show at 5pm Central on August 8, wherein she’ll be busting out both her opera chops AND her jazz chops!  I can’t wait.  Go check out the upcoming shows and join us for any and all!

If you haven’t yet visited Online Concert Thing to see a show, here’s a helpful video to get you started.

Bandcamp Friday is back this week, August 6th!  That means if you purchase any downloads or order any physical CDs or books from my Bandcamp page, I’ll get an extra cut!  That goes for other music friends who sell their work on Bandcamp, too: Betsy, Alec, Leslie Hudson, Meren King, and more!  I love working with Bandcamp, and the fact that they’ve made this a fairly regular thing they choose to do for us musicians is just one of the reasons.  You’ll get instant access to mp3 downloads after your purchase, and when you order merch, I’ll ship it to you myself!  Shop here: -and thank you!