Online show Jan 31; February Song Premieres and more!

2018 has already been surprisingly positive and exciting for me, and we’ve barely gotten started.  I hope your life is full of good news, as well.


Did you know that this January 31st will give us a full moon which is both a Super Moon AND a Blue Moon, PLUS a full lunar eclipse?  
It will also be my wedding anniversary.  Hubby Ryan and I will have been married for two years, less than a week from now!  In celebration, I’ll be giving my next Concert Window broadcast with my song-sister Renée Janski – Renée is the clergy person who signed our marriage license.  Full moon, full circle!
We will begin our broadcast at 7pm Central (8p Eastern, 6p Mountain, 5p Pacific) and try to keep it to an hour so that everyone has more than enough time to see that beautiful moon, if the skies are clear.  Concert Window lets us sing for you in real time across the internet – there’s room for everybody!  Get your friends together, sign on, pay what you like, and enjoy! Click here to watch our Blue Moon Serenade.

More about Renée and her music

Renée and I will offer some special goodies for those who want them at this broadcast, for one time only:  special Blue Moon blended incense, Super Moon wish cards, jewelry, downloads, and more!



All right, I wasn’t supposed to have any concerts or do any touring until much later this year, but magical things always seem to happen around my birthday.  This year, two very magical things are happening, and I get to be there!  I’m letting you all know in case you’re able to be there, too, at either one.

 Thing one involves the world premiere of my song, “Look to the Water”, as part of a short documentary film.


“Delta: Rediscovered,” images of early life (circa 1880-1924) in Arkansas’s White River Delta by photographer Dayton Bowers, opens Friday, February 9, 2018, in the Butler Center Gallery. The Butler Center, 401 President Clinton Avenue in downtown Little Rock, celebrates this 2nd Friday Art Night event from 5 – 8 pm with music, refreshments, art and art lovers.

Photographer Dayton Bowers chronicled the rise of prosperity in the Delta and operated Arkansas’s first known photography studio, located in DeWitt. Bowers’s images reflect pride of place and a deep connection to nature and family. Bowers directly influenced notable Arkansas photographer Mike DisFarmer, who grew up in Arkansas County.

Exhibit curator Denise Parkinson, author of Daughter of the White River (History Press, 2013) will also screen a short (9-minute) documentary film adaptation of her book, which focuses on the little-known history of Arkansas’s River People and tragic heroine Helen Spence. Bowers’s photography—central to the book and film—includes a circa-1916 portrait of Helen Spence. The documentary project marks the debut of “Look to the Water,” an original song by Arkansas singer/songwriter S. J. Tucker, who will also be on hand for the opening reception.

Delta: Rediscovered will be on display through April 28, 2018, at the Butler Center Gallery. The Butler Center houses the Dayton Bowers photographic archive, donated by Hot Springs historian LC Brown in memoriam of his late wife, Anna Grace Bowers Brown. The Anna Grace Bowers Brown Manuscript Collection contains 200 Dayton Bowers photographs, postcards and tintypes.

Delta: Rediscovered is made possible by grants from the Department of Arkansas Heritage and The Morris Foundation. For more information, visit or search on Facebook for The Rediscovered Archives of Dayton Bowers. 

Thing two involves the world premiere of THREE new songs of mine, all composed and recorded for a very special series pilot.  Zombie Orpheus Entertainment will screen and debut STROWLERS at last this February, and I get to be there!  The pilot premiere will happen on Friday night at ZOECon – you may attend the full convention, or just the premiere if you prefer – and Strowlers director Ben Dobyns is flying me in to give a short performance!


Join Zombie Orpheus Entertainment for three days of films and games and general nerdery! There will be screenings, trivia, workshops, performances, secret previews, and a whole room just for some of our favorite games.  Larry Dixon and Mercedes Lackey are our featured guests.  We’re also thrilled to announce that S. J. Tucker will be joining us at ZOECon as a special musical guest! Her music suffuses Strowlers and we can’t wait to share her newest songs with you.  The premiere of the Strowlers pilot episode, which includes THREE original songs by Sooj, plus a brief special musical performance, will be at 9pm on Friday, February 16.  Tickets for the premiere are just $10. If you purchase a weekend pass at $40, the premiere is included! Get tickets here.

STROWLERS is an urban fantasy show concept that tells the stories of “hypercreative malcontent[s]” who have the guts to believe in magic. Sooj is proud to support the project as a songwriter.  Watch clips here.  Learn more about the world here.

ZOECon 2018 is an exclusive gaming and film convention – only a limited number of tickets are available! – in the Pacific Northwest. We will have many great gaming options, screenings, panels with local film and game personalities, and we may even film a short film with you! ZOE’s focus on fan supported and creator distributed entertainment will ensure three days packed with independent games, films, and literature that were created through the passion and dedication of fans and creators.  Hotel rooms available! Get info online at 



Keep an eye on as I am hoping to have, at bare minimum, the three Strowlers songs (“Burn Me Out”, “Mirror Self”, and “Show Me”) and “Look to the Water” ready for download/purchase at the beginning of February, to coincide with their film debuts!  I’m spending as much time as possible mixing and recording this winter while I am not traveling.  I have some big plans that I’m setting in motion, which will hopefully mean at least one new record/CD release this year.  I’ve got more than thirty new songs on my work list in the Pixie House, some of them being fuller arrangements of a few Traveling Songs demos.  If I meet all of my work and production goals, you’ll have them all in your ears and in your life before you know it.  Wish me luck!

Thank you all for your constant, incredible support of my music and me.  You keep me going through the winter, keep me smiling as I work in my recording studio here at home, and keep me believing in the magic of what I do!