Online Show March 19!

Hello, dear folx!  Just a quick reminder that I’ll be performing online one week from tonight on Friday, March 19, 2021!  My co-stars will be Renée Janski & Ronda Jean at 7pm Central, followed by Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard, and I’ll close the evening with my concert, starting at about 9pm Central!  I’m planning a set of tunes inspired by goddesses whose names we know from world myth and different traditions, as well as the goddesses we meet in our daily lives.

Here’s the link to get your tickets at Online Concert Thing:

If you’ve never bought a ticket and watched a show at Online Concert Thing, not to worry.  OCT intern James made a quick, helpful tutorial video:

We’ll all be performing in support of Fayetteville, Arkansas’ Goddess Festival that night.  You’ll be supporting us musicians as well as that event, AND Online Concert Thing, our beloved independent community concert platform.  I was also scheduled to perform at GoddessFest last year, you may remember, and it was the very first show on my 2020 schedule that we adapted into an online show in order to help slow the spread of COVID19.  Full circle, big feelings, but it’s gonna be a great night.  Renée and RJ and Ginger and Lynda, as y’all know, have been my besties and band mates for a long time now.  This is the closest we can get for a while to being on stage side by side.  Please join us.

If you missed it last month, I got to be a guest on a whole TWO-PART episode of the podcast, Witchcraft Off the Beaten Path!  Ginger & Lynda were interviewed as well.  Check us out along with our great host Molly Dyer wherever you listen to your podcasts, or by clicking here for part one of my interview:

Here’s part two:

Here’s Ginger & Lynda’s interview:

Did you know that Ginger and I are BOTH so ready to give you sneak peeks of the unreleased music we’re working on, together and apart, on Patreon?

Here’s where to find Ginger:

Here’s where to find me and get monthly Patrons-only content that includes new music, chord charts, online show videos, and other stuff you can’t find anywhere else:

May the good news just keep coming for us all as spring approaches.  Take care, y’all.