Online show Nov 10, Festival of Souls concert Nov 15!

Happy Halloween & blessed Samhain to all of you! 

Please join me from wherever you are for my very first solo broadcast on our new streaming platform, Online Concert Thing!  Showtime is 2pm Central (3pm Eastern, 1pm Mountain, noon Pacific, 7pm GMT) on Sunday, November 10th.  Online Concert Thing is still very new and plain, but it ran like a champ for us on October 20th when I shared a broadcast with my tour sister Leslie Hudson.  I am confident that it will grow in features and aesthetic as we move forward, and I trust the folks who are running this thing implicitly.  

Check it out and sign on here to watch the show from the screen of your choice:

Later in the month, I’ll be returning to the Samhain event of my heart near Memphis, TN: Summerland Grove’s Festival of Souls!  Ginger Doss performed there in my place last year, as baby Jesse and I were just barely home from the hospital at the time.  It’s gonna feel like coming home, and I can’t wait to get there, this time with baby and all.  My concert is scheduled for Friday evening, one hour after the opening of the Candlelight Labyrinth.  Please let me know if I’ll see you there.  
Go here for registration info and more:

A couple of other bits of news:  

-I’m so grateful for the turnout at all of my October concerts: those shared with Leslie in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and online; and my set at Arkansas Pagan Pride Day in Hot Springs last Saturday.  Y’all are so good to show up, in every sense of the phrase, and this month was no exception.  Thank you for reassuring me that my songs & performances matter to you, even during a time when I am performing less often in order to keep learning how to start out as a decent mom.

-The audiobook I just narrated and produced is out in the world on iTunes, Audible, and Amazon! Start listening to Daughter of the White River, Depression Era Treachery and Vengeance in the Arkansas Delta at one of the links below!  
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Did you know that there is also a documentary film in the works, run on all-local talent, crew, and funding so far?  As I understand it, the plan is to make something beautiful out of dramatized scenes, interviews, and archival footage.  Several of my songs will be featured as well, but only if the project gets a little bit of a grassroots boost from folks like us!  
Check out the Kickstarter here:

-My buddy Nathaniel Johnstone has a great new release just in time for Halloween! 
Check out The Dubious Hat & Other Tales of Ineffable Horror!

-My stage sister Leslie Hudson is done touring for the year, but she’s released several singles from her upcoming album, Keep Left at the ForkGet them here!

-I may be a little bit late delivering content this coming month to my subscribers and my Patreon patrons, as I’m working on getting over some sniffles before I record their monthly download, but you’re all welcome to join me in either place at any time!  I truly enjoy creating and sharing exclusive content for my small gang of subscribers and Patrons.

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Thanks for reading this post today.
May the changing of the seasons treat you well, joyously, and gently.