Online show THIS SATURDAY!

Hi, beloveds! Firstly, I hope you’ll ​join my Muses and me on Saturday evening!​ We’ll be FULLY LIVE for the first half of our Online Concert Thing show at 7pm CDT, and ALL FOUR MUSES are gonna participate after all! This will be the first time we’ll stream all the way live on our beloved indie platform, Online Concert Thing. After that, we’ll hang out in the chat with y’all for a replay of our November 2023 online show from the road.

​Here’s a little video preview we made for y’all!​

(And yes, more cameos from Lynda’s pupper Toto are highly likely!)

OTHER SHOWS COMING UP: yall. Please please do not miss MoxieFest next Tuesday! Watch on ​Twitch​ or ​FB Live​. I’ll be performing along with many other magical creatures, including our adorable Muppetty-moppet moth host herself, Moxie!

After that, I’m off to east Tennessee for a solo set at ​Spring Fairy Fest!​

​Ginger Doss​ and I have a two-week shared tour next month, with shows in Memphis, Asheville, and just outside Gatlinburg! Memphis was my hometown twenty years ago and the place my full-time music career began. So I’m thrilled that it’ll be our first stop on May 8! LET’S PACK THE HOUSE and celebrate ​Ginger’s new Sacred Flow EP​!

After Memphis, we’re off to NC for a GLORIOUS REUNION with our witchy fam at Asheville Raven & Crone May 11, AND our song sis AMY FREAKIN’ STEINBERG May 12!

After our two Asheville shows, we’ll head for beloved Pagan land in Cosby, TN to perform for the May Moon Magick festival. Registration is closed for May Moon Magick: The Story….which means the event site will be at capacity for the first time in many years! AND THAT IS AMAZING NEWS.

Home again after May Moon, for a show right in my neighborhood, Hidden Acres Farm’s Harmony in the Hollow Pagan & Pride Festival!

If you’d like a lovely graphic to help you remember all these marvelous things and more, I gotchoo. BEHOLD.

More info on each show any time: ​​ (portrait art by Cora Ocean!)

If you’ve read this far, THANK YOU. I know it’s a lot. But it’s a joy for me to have so much to tell you. More shows than I’ve been able to consecutively crow about in ages. If I know yall, and I do, you’re celebrating with me. Thank you for that, too. Remember, my $10 and $20 Patrons get new, sekrit content every month, and ALL my Patrons get show videos as often as I can capture them…so ​if you’ve got it in your budget, come on in.​