Online Shows for Solstice!

I hope you’re and comfortable wherever you are today.  I hope you’ll be well and comfortable and able to join me for one or both of my online concerts this month, as well! I’ll stream on our new platform, Online Concert Thing, at 2pm Central (3pm Eastern, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific, 7pm GMT) on December 21st AND December 22nd!  Please join me for whichever one suits you best, if not both!  I’ll be offering special tip reward goodies only available then and there, including unreleased songs, handwritten lyric sheets, shiny things, and seasonal blessings!  Also, so long as recording is successful, we will make the video of the concert available for purchase afterward for anyone who’s unable to watch it in realtime.  

Watch here, and check out the goodies on offer at any time:

And if you run into any trouble logging in or otherwise getting set up, write to our capable admin:

Performers and viewers alike have been loving this new platform, which is run by people I trust and know personally!  It’s fantastic to have something reliable for the production side AS WELL AS the audience side of things!  While Concert Window filled a need until it closed down this fall, I’m really enjoying this next place to be.  It’s been running like a dream, and I hope you’ll be able to experience it as an audience member for yourself!  

These two live streams on December 21st and 22nd will be my final performances of 2019.  I hope to be able to start giving evening shows once again as early as January, perhaps swapping off daylight and night time shows every other week.  If you all have preferences or suggestions along those lines, I’d love to hear them!  My goal of course is to do my best to make my streaming concerts available for as many of you as possible, at times and on dates which will suit you.

If you would like to keep up with me into 2020 and beyond, and receive more news and more exclusive goodies such as automatic album pre-orders, handwritten correspondence, and special monthly audio downloads, consider joining me on Patreon or subscribing via my website!  

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I haven’t announced any of my 2020 tour dates yet, but I’ll be sharing the news very soon!  It’s good, every last word of it.  You won’t believe some of the places I get to see over the next few months!  I’ll certainly keep in touch here and on social media as a way to take you all with me.

My dearest friends and colleagues are starting to give their own shows at Online Concert Thing, as well!  Catch them if you can!  Betsy, Alec, and my darling Dogwood will have a show there as Smoke, Flash, and Horn in just a couple of days: December 14th at 7pm Pacific (8 Mountain, 9 Central, 10 Eastern)! 

My Canadian buddies the Heather Dale Band are the might behind this platform.  For their streaming schedule, head to AND ALSO consider becoming a supporter there:  When you do, you’ll get to see, among other things, a video clip of the Krampus pageant I wrote for them to perform last week!  No, I’m not kidding!  

As always, thank you for being part of my year and part of my journey, and for allowing me to be part of yours.  Today on Twitter, someone referred to me as “joyful and encouraging”, and told me that my music is “aggressively affirming”, and that with it, I help so many others to feel seen.  That, folks, is exactly how I want it.  You wouldn’t have read this far if my work hadn’t helped you in some way; I am humbled by this and grateful for it, for you.