Online Shows Halloween-Yule & More!

I hope I’ll get to be part of your Halloween and/or Samhain plans this weekend. Join me for my online concert Sunday afternoon (Oct 31, 2pm Central):

Your ticket of $5 or more will help me support Mid South Immigration Advocates this time around!

I streamed a bit of rehearsal to my YouTube channel Thursday afternoon! Watch the replay here if you like:

We’ve sold 74 tickets as of my writing this post. We unlocked our first door prize at 50 tickets, I’ll unlock a second one at 75, and I’ll unlock a beautiful 3rd one, a jewelry piece from our friend Paletree Arcana, at 100 tickets! Paletree Arcana artist Bianca Havens shares a birthday with my little son who just turned three. She’s having a birthday sale on her website right now:

^that kyanite, tho!

^my pumpkins

Other friends and sponsors of this concert who’ve offered door prizes and new merchandise:

Celtic Knot Works/Deva Designs jewelry, Sedona, AZ

Dryad Tea, Denver, CO

(miss you, Rubiee!)

Craft Woodwerks/A Creative ApothaCare, Lakemore, OH

Act one of the show will be a new, 100% live performance of my favorite Red Riding Hood spinoff, Gramma Wolf’s Garden! Thanks to my buddy Phil Brucato for performance rights to his story. I’ll perform this magical tale with songs of mine interspersed, and then after a break, I’ll play a whole list of MORE spooky songs, including a special live-only parody in honor of spooky season towards the end of the concert! (Hint: it’s a Dolly Parton tune like you’ve never heard it before. For complex copyright reasons, the parody won’t be part of the recorded video I’ll make available after the stream ends, so be sure to catch the live show if you can.)

On Halloween morning, I’ll also be a guest musician at UU Fayetteville’s online Samhain service, which begins at 11:00am Central. I’ll be sharing several of my original songs which fit the Samhain theme, including some unreleased pieces. Visit to join the service via Zoom.

THE BEAUTIFUL LESLIE HUDSON will release a new record on Samhain called Hemlock Honey & Crows! I recorded djembe drum for “Wicked Sings”, and a whole cast of musical characters contributed tracks of their own to boost Leslie’s own brilliant songwriting and evocative sound. More info:

NEXT MONTH, I’ve just confirmed I’ll give my online water songs themed concert on November 21st at 2pm Central! Get your ticket here:
Heather Dale will ALSO be giving a water songs online concert of her own on November 19th! Come see us both if you can!

HEXENFEST LITE will stream on November 6th at Online Concert Thing, featuring Sharon Knight & Winter and Tuatha Dea! Don’t miss it.

THE MIGHTY GINGER DOSS will release her new song, “RUNE” on November 1st! You’ll hear my voice in the mix as one of the Norns along with my sisters Andrea Sumers and Lynda Millard. “RUNE” is Ginger’s musical telling of how Odin learned the wisdom of the Runes. Get ready, because it’s gonna pull you right in: 

FOR YULE in December, I’ll give a Midwinter Music online show December 20th at 9pm Central. Expect my Solstice songs, my Mari Lwyd and Krampus songs, and more. Ticket link coming soon! Mark your calendars!


Recording songs for the Rootless record proceeds little by little, and I expect to keep moving forward on new projects at my toddler-mom-snail’s pace over the winter. Thank you all for being part of the journey as I go. Remember that you can pledge to my Patreon if you like, to get access to sneak peeks of new & unreleased recordings, chord charts for my songs, and archived video of all my online shows:
And I’m always here to ship CDs and books to you (weird USPS stuff notwithstanding) from my own little house when you make an order at

Those of you who’ve been streaming my music via Spotify or your other favorite streaming service, THANK YOU.  I do get weekly income from this via my digital distributor, which has been CD Baby from the beginning.  Thank you for believing in what I do! I wish each of you joy and magic for All Hallows.