Out Now: Winter Wish digital EP!

Holiday time for most of us involves a bit of stress, a bit of travel maybe, and a bit of chaos.  Last thing I want to do with that in mind is ask any of you for more precious time than you can afford to give.  But I know I’d be on the naughty list if I didn’t take a moment to make sure you’re aware that I released the Winter Wish digital EP on Christmas morning!  It’s got eight songs, some familiar and some brand new, all inspired by seasonal folklore and tradition.  As many of the creatures and customs which inspired the songs will still be stomping around until Twelfth Night, I don’t feel I’m too late to tell you.  

Listen here or via the player above, purchase if you like, and please share the link: 

What’s on it:  
-a brand new song for the Welsh horse-spirit-ghost who comes to your door on winter evenings to challenge you to a battle of wits!  (I love her, terrifying as she is. Actual Traditional Nightmare Before Actual Christmas, anyone?)
-my two familiar wintry singles, “Solstice Night” and “The Feast of Krampus”!  I love them, also.
-a newly polished mix of my song for the Oak King & the Holly King, two mighty brothers who trade places in colloquy on the two yearly Solstices.
-a very silly holiday skit about getting the best of Krampus, performed by Heather Dale, Ben Deschamps, and me!
-a surprise acoustic version of a very industrial song
-two bonus tracks!

I hope you’ll all love what you hear, of course.  This can be a rough time of year, and I would always give you a break and a grin, if and when and as often as I can.