Over the Moon Again: New Reviews

Stolen Season continues to get a whole lotta love, more than I would ever have asked for.  I am so grateful!

Here’s a quote from Andrew Greenhalgh at Breaking Down Sound:

The best of music transports listeners to a place that is colored with bold emotion and powerful imagery. These are the songs that connect you to a place in the past while looking into the future and that transport you to places exotic, foreign, and yet altogether very familiar. As she tucks into Mississippi Delta inspired blues and jazz tones, accenting them with warm hits of contemporary folk and a little something extra, longtime recording artist S.J. Tucker does just that, taking listeners on a musical journey that leads down through the muddy swamp and into the hazy smoke of the local jazz club.

Andrew is a regular and experienced writer of independent music (and it shows) whose goal is to write about artists who are worth hearing.  Color me entirely flattered!  Read his full review here.  He makes me sound, and feel, like a big deal.


Then there’s James McQuiston’s review, which I also love, on NeuFutur Magazine’s website! Here’s a quote:

Black Swan Blues is a sultry track that works from a bluesy, soulful backdrop that is pushed into high gear with a call and response chorus. Sultry Summer Night looks back into the era of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, spinning their style into a bold new space with a piano line right out of mid-20th century Harlem.

Scuse me.  I gotta go chase down my heart.  It seems to have fluttered completely away. 🙂

James’ full review is here.


Thank you, James! Thank you, Andrew! Thank you, CyberPR, for helping me secure such favorable acclaim for my little record!