Pie-rates and Concerts

Wanna see me threaten Ben Deschamps (briefly) with a (scabbarded) sword?  Heh.

CELTIC AVALON is almost at its funding goal!  Less than $5k left to raise, 5 days to go!  PIE!  PIRATES!  PIE-rates..?

Once the project hits $40k, I may have to write a Pie Pirate song in celebration. 😀


This weekend, I have TWO concerts in Cape Girardeau, MO!  I’ve never played there before, so we planned a double whammy.  🙂

Friday night I’ll be giving a FREE preview concert and Q&A at Game Knights Books & Collectibles.  Thanks to Cheech for hosting!

Saturday night, I’ll play my big show at Dockside Upper Deck, thanks to Jerry Swan, Jennifer Picker, and their whole team!  The Facebook event is here and the page to get tickets is here.  Hope you can join me if you’re in the area!

Everyone please be safe as you revel today.  Celebrate with your head on straight. <3