Queens of Avalon Trailer just posted!

We are all the May Queen and the Fae Queen, even if we think we can only be one or the other.
They are sisters, light and dark; not enemies, but one and the same.
Remember, you have the power to own your story, no matter how many other people may think they already know how it goes. 
If you love the King Arthur mythos, definitely check this out.
Brace yourself; the blonde wig may be a bit of a shock. 🙂

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Heather Dale and S.J. Tucker are bold, confident women who have forged truly independent careers in the music industry. They create original songs of myth, magic, history and fantasy for their legions of fans.
For Queens of Avalon they joined forces to take on the challenge of creating a musical from the ground up, writing their own script and score, and filming a long-form video of the production.