Quick update for March 2022!

Hi, everyone! I’ve got lots of news and links to share with you today! Here goes.

We have a Swiss-based cousin whose colleagues are taking a long trip today, March 4, to get supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border. If you’d like to support what they’re doing, use this link to donate: https://tinyurl.com/bsbschoolfund More information here.

My musical colleague Daniel Katsük (you may also recognize his voice-over chops in Dragonball Z or Full Metal Alchemist!) released a book of children’s stories on my birthday! It will soon be available to order everywhere, but for now, here it is on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/mysticallakesbook

Bandcamp Friday is BACK all day today, March 4! Please feel free to share my music link around & download anything you might have missed. I’ve got everything I can afford set to “name your price”, and if you spend money on me, I’ll get a slightly larger share from midnight to midnight Pacific. Thank you!

I don’t have an online show this month, BUT I’ve got one live appearance on March 18, my first of the year, an outdoor event down in Florida. Please let me know if you’re planning to be there! More info here: http://sjtucker.com/tour All my thanks to Phoenix Festivals for rescheduling to bring me back, after all this time, since the 2020 event was postponed! (Also, if anyone knows any good swimmable springs to visit near Bell, Florida, please let me know! Have mermaid tail, will travel!). It doesn’t look like this event will have a virtual option for those unable to attend in person, but rest assured that I am still advocating for as many witchy events and cons as possible to do this from now on.

My next online show on the theme of Tricksters in Wonderland will be April 1st with a replay on April 3rd! Tickets available now: https://onlineconcertthing.com/product/s-j-tucker-2022-04-01-9-pm-cst/

Yesterday, March 3, actor and puppeteer Melissa Stanton released a new short film which features my song, “Witch’s Rune”! I’ve added it to my soundtrack placements video playlist for your convenience: click here to watch!