Recap: online show This Tuesday and more!

I have two online shows coming up, and one live concert appearance in Arkansas.  I’m also happy to report that all of my travels-abroad and domestic-during July and August went beautifully, and so far all is still really going as it should with my pregnancy. 

My first online show coming up is TOMORROW (Tuesday).  Please forgive me for the relatively short notice.  I took my time getting my act together, and then suddenly I didn’t want to wait any longer to give another solo online concert.  Blame it on the full moon in Pisces if you like.


Solo Online Concert

(pay what you want)

Watch here:

Online shows never run out of space, so pay the amount of your choice, snuggle a friend or a pet, and enjoy!  I have downloads and physical goodies available as tip rewards, some of which are brand new! 

Next month, almost entirely for selfish reasons, I’ll share another online show with my bandmate and buddy, Alexander James Adams!


Sooj & Alec’s Shared Online Show

(pay what you want)

Watch here:

“The Pixie Queen and the Faerie Tale Minstrel join forces once again, one night only, for an online concert!  MISCHIEF IS ASSURED!”

We’ll kick things off at 7pm Central (8pm Eastern, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific).  Check out Alec’s Patreon:

Throughout this year of touring less and actively taking intelligent care of myself as my body changes and I get closer to babytime, everyone’s support of my online shows has been such a boon and such a boost.  Thank you all for continuing to show enthusiasm for what I do, even as the tech becomes more a part of it!

The next day, I’ll be singing beside my own local healing waters, in the town that hosted my very first concerts ever, when I was seventeen years old. Thanks to Hot Springs PPD for making it happen. Let me know if you plan on being there – like all Pagan Pride events, it’s free to attend. My concert begins at 2pm, the lovely Mama Gina performs immediately after I do, and I’ve listed the full event schedule here


Pagan Pride events have always been dear to my heart, since the very start of my career.  This is the only one I have on my schedule for 2018, as well as my last in-person show before babytime. Happy Full Barley Moon to all of you this week, and I hope to see you soon in the Spa City or on your screens!

In the studio news: 

My travels during July and August necessitated a pause in working on my next album release, but I’m home now and able to jump back in.  So far, recording and finishing projects fits right in line with all of my nesting impulses, so stay tuned for more news about upcoming releases! 

The first thing I may be able to announce soon is the completion of an audiobook for Denise Parkinson’s Daughter of the White River, which is an historical account of the short life of my fellow Arkansan, Helen Spence.  Helen’s spirited story has captivated me for over a year now, and I’m so grateful to work with Denise to bring the audiobook to life!  Denise’s next hope is to fund and film a documentary about Helen’s life and the pre-Depression houseboat communities of the lower White River, now long gone, but very much part of the hyperlocal stories I’m just learning about where I myself was born.   I may be contributing a bit of music to the eventual film.  I’ll keep you all in the know as things develop. 

Here’s a brand new pitch reel for the documentary, featuring local places and local talent.