Recent Links of Import

I got interviewed by crafty, feisty librarians about what libraries mean to me as a creative professional, songwriter and entertainer, and it was fantastic fun.  Read the interview here, courtesy of the Library as Incubator Project.


When I’m home from the road, I live in a spectacularly beautiful land of mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests.  Aaaaand sometimes I find out that somebody is currently filling one of those spectacularly beautiful rivers full of…….well, pig poop.  LOTS of pig poop, in major violation of National Park Service regulations.  Please consider supporting the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance as I have done, and spread the word.  We can do better than this.


Trigger warning for this last set:  the Pagan community, dear to my heart and my spirit, is in a rightful tizzy this week over the arrest of a prominent author and performer, who confessed to possession of child pornography.  I’m sharing three articles I’ve read.  I feel that each of these pieces promote healthy discussion on how we can do better to detect predators in our midst and to help those threatened.  Reading each of these three articles helped me greatly in sorting out my own thoughts and figuring out what I can do best to help my community be better and safer for all from now on.  May these well crafted words feed and support the momentum of healthy discussion and positive action.  Click if you wish.

-T. Thorn Coyle’s article, Predators in Paganism 

-Jason Pitzl-Waters’ very thorough article on various emerging allegations in The Wild Hunt, which contains the voices of many in the community

-Patti Wigington’s clear-eyed article on, Predators in the Pagan Community