Reminder: One! More! Show!

I’ll be singing for free at Conway Arkansas’ Pagan Pride Day celebration this Saturday! It’s my last concert for 2015, and the weather forecast looks mighty fine.  The event runs from 2-8pm in Laurel Park, and absolutely everyone is welcome.  There will be vendors, concerts, workshops, a raffle, and more!

My recording studio just got a remodel of sorts!  Since its awakening in late 2011, The Pixiehouse has had no insulation, and so it was a fair weather workspace at best.  That didn’t stop me from suffering chilly winter temps and sweltering summer temps alike in order to Get Shtuff Done, but I won’t have to do that anymore.  My partner and I worked together over last week to install insulation in the walls and ceiling, and the comfort level of my beautiful little space has already increased in so many ways!  I’m still putting its aesthetic aspects back together, but it’s functional again….and LOTS warmer!  If I have it in me, I’ll film and post a new video tour of the space for YouTube soon.