Schedule change!

Hi, fam! I won’t be going to CauldronFest this weekend after all, so I’m posting to let you know. There’s a possibility I’ll get to stream a live online show instead; stay tuned! Meanwhile, I have to tell you that Pagan Unity Fest this past weekend was like coming home. PUF is a festival that has welcomed me with open arms as a performer since my very first years on the road. It was an honor to be there again with community, and I’m so grateful. I love my job, I love my band mates (Lynda couldn’t join us because she was under the weather, but we did our best without her anyway), and I loved our PUF crowd. Closing the show with “Come Down”, “Beetz in my Salad”, and “Firebird’s Child” back to back felt like the perfect rebirth that it was.