Shows this month and more

My tour schedule is very light this month, with just a few fun events in Tennessee and Arkansas, starting tomorrow!

Oct 16-20 2014: Summerland Grove’s Festival of Souls 2014
Meeman Shelby State Park, Piersol Group Camp
910 Riddick Road, Millington, TN 38053

S. J. performs at her home festival once again this Samhain, courtesy of Summerland Grove, along with DJ Tempest, Buck Potter, and Tuatha Dea – a wild Tennessee tribe born of family and synergy who mix the best of ancient and modern music into something new, primal, and unforgettable.
Guest speakers this year are Priestess Clark (Nancie Clark of SOTEC) KY and Byron Ballard (Folk work and Hoodoo). Check for event details and schedule.  S. J.’s concerts this year are at noon on Friday and Saturday! She will also appear as part of the Dragon’s Gaze Fire Troupe’s performance on Friday night!

Oct 24 2014, 7pm: Poets Scrounging
Gallery 360, 901 S. Rodney Parham Rd, Little Rock, AR 72204

S. J. will throw down with fellow local poets and performers at this companion event to Gallery 360′s Artists Scrounging art show. You can, too!  There is still time to answer the open call if you’d like to be part of this event!  See below for more information.

Gallery 360 is accepting registration for Poets Scrounging, a spoken word open mic sound extravaganza. 
Oct 24, 7pm, we will throw our usual open and free to the public party with food an beverages at 900 S Rodney Parham, Little Rock aka Gallery 360.  The evening will feature local poets and performers with something to say!

1. Register at
With your name, email and contact phone

2. Include an example of your poetry or work in your email
(Sound magicians call Jay at the Gallery 360 for tech requirements) 501-663-2222

3. Check your inbox for the lineup and details-we will stream live!

5. Deadline for submission is Oct 22.

Oct 26 2014: 2-8pm: Conway Pagan Pride Day – Free Outdoor Concert!
Simon Park, 800 Front Street, Conway, AR 72032
S. J. performs as part of Conway, Arkansas’ first ever Pagan Pride Day event!  Admission is free, and people of all faiths and philosophies are welcome.  Teach tolerance; choose love over fear!  Come on over.  Vendors, food, and music will all make up part of the day’s list of awesome things.  Special thanks to Sheldon, Allison, and the rest of the Conway Pagan Pride Fest team!

Next month I’m performing in Virginia, Maryland (woohoo, FaerieCon!) and Washington state before the Thanksgiving holiday. 
All the tour details are on my tour schedule page.


-Wonders, my most recent record, celebrated its first birthday on October 15, 2014! Happy birthday, little one!
Listen here:

-Matt Hawk- good friend, Lost Boy, and illustrator extraordinaire, is working on a Munchkin-like card game he hopes to market to game stores! I have personally played this game, called Widdershins, and I recommend it!   Here’s the project!

-Song-sister Marian Call is on tour this month! DC-Philly-NYC folks, Cleveland folks, Chicago and Minneapolis folks, and Denver/Boulder peeps, check out her tour dates:

-I’m donating a portion of my sales this month to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge as part of the Online Halloween Studio Tour! 
Check it out:


I’m still hard at work mixing and conjuring the Stolen Season album project, and it’s sounding great! I lack but one more guest performance to add in to the recipe, a couple of vocal additions to put in myself, and then all of the tracking will be truly finished. I had hoped to have the mixes all complete and sparkling by Halloween, but I may not quite make that self-imposed deadline after all. I won’t say it isn’t possible. I will say that I am, no matter what, going to take the time to make these songs sound as grand as I possibly can. I will make them worth the wait. 

I posted the official list of songs for the album a few days ago.  Read it here.

In the midst of creating this album lately I’ve also embarked upon my very first house painting experience (having a house is novel enough for me, but now it needs painting, too), among other things: visiting family and friends, helping celebrate the birthday of at least one faery godchild, and marking the tenth anniversary of my father’s passing. All of this is joyous and needful. I hope you’re all having as complex and fulfilling a month as I am.