Sooj & Bekah Concert Highlights!

Including some “Little Bird”, some “Crossroads”, and some….Iron Maiden?!?  YES.

More of Bekah’s music:

Bekah’s ConcertWindow channel:

Our setlist last night:

SAILING SONG (Sooj – from the Wonders album)
HEAVEN CAN WAIT (Bekah – from BKTF’s album, No Stranger)
THE PIXIE CAN’T SLEEP (Sooj – from the Tangles album)
WELCOME HOME (Bekah AND Sooj, available to download)
SEETHING SUN (Bekah – from the Departures album)
LOVE LIES (Sooj – from the Mischief album)
COLORS OF THE WIND (Bekah – unreleased)
LITTLE BIRD (Sooj – from the Stolen Season album)
1157/HOURGLASS/LOOK TO THE WATER (Sooj/Bekah/Sooj – unreleased)
HIPPY PAGAN PEOPLE (Bekah – from the Departures album)


Thanks to everyone who was able to watch!  We had 100+ sweet souls with us!