#soojtravelingsongs is Go!




My name is S. J. Tucker, and I’ve been touring, performing, recording, and releasing original music full time for twelve years.

(so. many. albums)

I would like to introduce my very new touring rig.  His name is Shadowfax.

FullSizeRender-2Car shopping & research can be draining and scary, even when it hasn’t been over a decade since you last bought a car.

As you can see, mischief got managed, and within plenty of time to prepare for my summer touring activity. It’s still sinking in how cool this is.

My previous touring vehicle, Golde, who’s been extremely dependable and otherwise awesome, enters her new, low pressure position as home-based work truck at 388k miles.


Shadowfax became my new touring rig a few weeks ago.  I’ve had two successful runs with him now- one to New York state and back with the band, and one out to the Northwest.

The only way to truly reduce my carbon footprint would be to stop touring entirely. But I’m not doing that, not yet, for all sorts of reasons, most of them good. So, my bandmates and I are on the road in safety & style this summer, with cargo space *and* comfort, thanks in no small part to the steady support of fans & friends the world over. ✨?✨?✨?✨

Shortly after Shadowfax came home with me, I asked my Instagram followers this question:  If I were to announce a “traveling songs” fundraiser for Shadowfax, with new and unreleased music as incentives, would you all be interested and able to take part?

A whole bunch of you left supportive comments and said yes; thank you.

Here’s what’s happening.

I’m not using GoFundMe or Kickstarter or any other fundraising platform for this.

It’s just you, and me, and Paypal, but mostly just you and me.

I’m offering up the new songs I wrote between February 2015 and February 2016, as part of a song-a-week challenge.  All of them are new and all but two are currently unreleased.  There are 52 songs all together, all at least two minutes long, most of them quite a bit longer than two minutes.  Everything from a steampunk murder ballad to a lullaby for my best friend’s cat.  Every genre from fun and folky to full-blown electronica.

Normally, I wouldn’t release my rough recordings and studio demos, but this is a special situation.

See, I have all this new music- quite a bit more than I’ve ever had before after a single year of songwriting, and I know that you, music fans, like to help out when you can.  Otherwise, Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and Patreon and all the rest wouldn’t be so popular.

So this whole situation gives me an opportunity to share new music with you a lot sooner than I normally would.  And that’s pretty cool.


For $11, you’ll get eleven of my new, unreleased songs.

Click here to pay $11 at PayPal and get the 11 Elite download!

For $22, you’ll get twenty-two of my new, unreleased songs, hand-chosen by me.

Click here to pay $22 at PayPal and get the Top 22 download!

For $42, you’ll get the whole circus.  52 new original songs.

Click here to pay $42 at PayPal and get The Whole Circus download!


They’re all works in progress.  Some of them are iPhone recordings that I cleaned up in my mixing software just a little bit.  But I’m proud to be able to share them with you.

Once your Paypal payment is received, you’ll get a download code and a link to take it to, from me.   Sometimes it will take me a little while to get your code to you (I have to email them out one at a time because each download code is unique), but so far I’ve been able to get every order taken care of in less than a day.

You’ll then take that download code over to the magic link, paste it in, and get new music.


I can’t promise that I’ll ever properly record, produce, and release all 52 of these songs, so it’s possible that you’ll end up with something really exclusive, here. You’ll be keeping me on the road, which will allow me to keep bringing even more music to you, both up close and in the recording studio.  You’ll be helping me do what I do.  You be helping me to keep singing, traveling, writing, performing, and helping others.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks for believing.

Thanks for being part of the magic.