Spooky Sunday Earcandy

….that’s got to be a suitable band name for SOMETHING.  Depeche Mode/Cure tribute?

Anyhow, thank you all for putting up with my New!Album!Squee this weekend.  Thank you for all of your downloads and support and kind words.  I’m taking a break from that excitement for a moment to share something else I got to help record recently.  My friend Ben has committed himself to posting one new song a week for download, and this week’s treasure is one I got to take part in.!

It’s creepy, though.

But it’s Edward Gorey creepy, as opposed to Japanese horror film creepy.  So, creepy with spats, I suppose (and because this is Ben, a boss melody).

The song’s called “Little Emma”.  Think “Saint James Infirmary” meets Scandinavian fiddle tune that wants to be fit for New Orleans when it grows up.  Plus a creepy, creepy poem I wrote to be recited over the tune, in place of just coming up with a bass line.  Never underestimate your bandmates’ power to be completely off-the-wall.

Listen here.

BONUS:  I ran across a recording of the great Paul Frees today on Tumblr, thanks to the one and only Mr. Doctorow, and a blog called WhatintheWaltDisneyWorld.  It’s Mr. Frees’ outtakes from voice over sessions for the original Haunted Mansion ride.  Too much fun!  If you grew up watching oldschool cartoons and cartoon feature films, you’ll recognize Mr. Frees’ electrifying tones.  He was certainly one of the voices of my childhood.  This is delightful.

Listen here and shiver. 😀