Prepping for my Cape Girardeau concerts today.  Lots of rehearsal planned for this afternoon.  Next weekend I’ll be in Chicago for Chi-Fi, and I’d like to officially put in a vote for winter to leave the Windy City alone.  Snow on the first day of spring, sheesh.


Those of you who celebrate Ostara and the Equinox today, I hope you have a lovely time of it!  My ritual will come out in my singing this weekend, my worship in witnessing blackbird song and breathing fresh air. 🙂


Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Pinnacle Mountain State Park with my creative sisters Kelley Naylor Wise and Jess Otto having a picnic and bouncing creative ideas back and forth. We were having an impromptu poi spinning class in the visitor’s center parking lot when the lovely Macy Jenkins of THV11 and her camera man Jake came over to interview us!  Macy asked great questions for her piece on Spring Break, and she even took a minute to try spinning with us!  Girl’s got skills.  It was cool to be interviewed about taking time to play outside.  Not sure if we’ll make it into Macy’s final piece, but if we do, I’ll definitely link it here.