Still Standing

Further thoughts prompted by the election results:


Fellow women, my Queer tribe, my witches, my POC neighbors, my Muslim neighbors, I know right now it feels as if the bullies have knocked us down, or that they’re going to very soon.
That just means that it’ll be our turn again next.
The people who want us scared and divided forever are in for a bit of a shock.
I’m not saying you gotta start building the barricade, but I am saying that we already know how to fight for what we have and what we need and what we believe. We already have been. And wouldn’t we rather fight and win than have it handed to us? Wouldn’t we rather survive and thrive, out of love and/or spite?
I’m not saying to go pick a fight with your relatives or your neighbors. I’m saying stay woke, and remember that you’re not alone, not ever. I’m saying that we need to be ready to give ’em hell. To speak up and speak out, to sing and to write and to paint and to create, and to keep on. To vote in the 2018 election, and every midterm and primary that comes along.

Get some rest, take a shower, eat something. When you’re ready to stand again, there will always be a place for you. Freak the fuck out and THEN carry on, when you can.

And yes, I would die for all of you if it came to that. Over and over, for as long as it takes.
We are damn expensive player-characters, and in the words of the late great Drew Hayes, we get the experience points, like it or not.
I think we’re all gonna have a LOT of XP to spend after the next few years together.
So be it. Get your character sheet.