Stolen Season greeting cards up now!

One of my pirate sisters suggested the other day, after seeing the images in this blog post, that I offer greeting cards for solstice of the images. ūüôā ¬†Kirk Lanier, my gracious photographer, told me that sounded great, gave his permission, and told me to sell a million. ¬†Yesterday I went through the fairly friendly process of setting up a Zazzle store, and now I’ve got one greeting card and one notecard design posted!

This is the photo available on either a greeting card or a notecard right now. ¬†Sorry we didn’t think of this in time for you to have them for the Solstice! ¬†Next year. ¬†((nod-nod))


The store is currently very bare bones, but this is an experiment.  If Zazzle and I continue to get along, I will consider posting more designs and photos.  Maybe I can get my act together and actually share my years-long backlog of random photography with you all!

Check out my Zazzle store

I get about $1 for every card. ¬†That’s not nearly as big a return as I get on CD sales or downloads, but I’m still looking forward to designing cards and stuff to share.

Other mundania: ¬†The best friends are the ones who stop by with adorable toddler in tow to bring you homemade chicken soup when you’ve been sick. ¬†Thank you, Melissa and Cora!!

New!kitty Gawain is still doing fine and has integrated himself into the household with hardly a bump. ¬†Even Pooshka is mellowing about the situation- sources say the two boys were seen on the same couch together at one point. ¬†Gawain’s main activities continue to be napping, purring, snuggling, and now playing!