#StolenSeason just got a 5-star review!

Y’all, I am over the moon right now!

Matheson Kamin has been covering what we might call less mainstream music for over a decade.  Matheson took the time to give a good listen to all of Stolen Season, and has now published a gorgeous, pretty darn comprehensive, FIVE STAR review!  You can read the whole shebang by clicking here.  In particular, I love what Matheson has to say about “Believe in Lullabies”:

Tucker’s vocal delivery will remind many of jazz vocalists from days gone by. The clear, beautiful sound of Tucker’s voice is the focal point on this track. The lyrical content will also remind listeners of songs from yesterday as the track truly sounds like something that belongs in The Great American Songbook.


I’ll be over here, doing a little singer-songwriter Snoopy dance.

Or maybe I’ll just invoke the time that my friend Angelica turned me into a cartoon. 🙂