Storytellers Never Die

This post is in memory of my friend Mark Lewis: storyteller, father, mentor, teacher, magic-maker, myth-maker, memory-maker.


Storyteller Mark Lewis

photo by Sandra Buskirk



Over the past few hours, since I heard the news of Mark’s passing, I’ve spoken on the phone and online with many other people who are dear to me, all of them mutual friends of Mark’s and mine.  We make a pretty vast and bright constellation of stars, all of us together.  I have been wishing for a portkey, one that we could all grab onto, that would bring us to the same fire circle tonight, where we could all sing and share and tell stories about this wonderful man who touched our lives.

In Mark’s company, I have been a fae creature, a performer, an Auror, a queen, a mermaid, an Actor, a Lost Girl, an accomplice, an improvisational accompanist, and an audience member.  None of those experiences were less than incredible and sweet, and I treasure them all.

photo by Yona Appletree

photo by Yona Appletree


I look around me online tonight, at all of my friends and acquaintances who knew him, and at friends I’ve not yet made as well- others who have had their lives changed by the words and wit of this dear man.  We are a lucky bunch, indeed.  What better proof that he led a full and fascinating life could there be than this- the madcap, marvelous, mischievous people who honor him tonight?  I’m sure that he must be proud.  I hope his wife and daughters will be proud, too, once their time of grief has been honored and allowed to conclude.

This is the way it ought to be when someone dies, when anyone dies:  that we can all look around at each other and see the good in each other’s eyes that that person has done.  All those who love that person, shouting to the skies how much good and magic he brought to them.  All of us coming together to remember, and with such joy, despite our tears.  I hope we can all do so well as Mark has done.  I miss him.  My love goes out to all of those who are also missing him tonight, and who will keep missing him for the rest of their days.  What a wonderful family we are.  My heart’s not big enough to hold how wonderful it is, to know that we are all united in our memories of Mark- as my sweetie Ryan said, the Mark mark upon our hearts.

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