I learned yesterday morning that a project very dear to my heart is gathering a whole lot of momentum.  

Most of you will have seen my music videos for “Neptune” and “D&D” on YouTube by now.  Film maker Ben Dobyns & Zombie Orpheus Entertainment who helped me bring those videos to life, is now making it happen with a project called Strowlers.  The world of Strowlers is a world much like our own- people who are somewhat different, in this case who have magical talent, are persecuted and held in suspicion while just trying to get through their daily lives.  Strowlers has the potential to be a very powerful story told on film, and I think it stands a chance at helping a lot of people.


I have seen the pilot episode of the hoped-for Strowlers series, which includes POC in leading roles, a healthy same-sex relationship, AND rebel librarians. I got to stand on a Seattle rooftop one morning and be filmed for a brief appearance in the teaser-trailer for Strowlers – keep reading and you’ll find out where to see this.  Lastly, I have written two songs for and about the project so far.  I found out today that Ben and his team have launched a Kickstarter for the production of two Strowlers short films: one set in Ireland and one set in Mongolia.  


Filming is complete for the story told in Ireland.  The story told in Mongolia will be told from the point of view of its local cast, including the shamans of Ulaanbaatar, who fell in love with the concept of Strowlers and invited Ben and his team to create a short film with them.  


What I’m telling you is that Strowlers has got representation all over the place, which I think we need now more than ever.  Storytelling is a magic that’s been with us longer than any of our nations have existed, and Ben & his team know how to use that magic for good.  I believe in this project, and I’m so excited to see where it’s going.  I’m also proud to be credited as “songwriter” in the Kickstarter description, something I neither asked for nor expected.  


Bonus:  if you watch the entire Strowlers pitch video for the fundraiser, you’ll not only see my little cameo, but you’ll also hear those songs I mentioned writing!  They’re called “Mirror-self” and “Burn Me Out”.  


Check out the Strowlers Preludes Kickstarter here.