#SultrySummerTour goodness, part two

It’s been six lovely weeks since I hit the road for the summer.  The intensity and the down-time have been decently balanced.  I’m so grateful to my bandmates, and to everyone involved with New York Faerie Fest, as well as everyone involved with the self-produced shows I had in Chicago and Missoula, MT.

I’ve been posting a ton of tour photos over on my Instagram, so if you want to see them, find me there!  Here are a couple from New York Faerie Fest at the end of last month.


Come, sit down. Kettle’s on. #fae #nature #tree #allweather #SultrySummerTour #NewYorkFaerieFest #NYFF A photo posted by S. J. Tucker Music (@sjtuckermusic) on

The trend of getting rained on at every single concert continued at this festival, but thanks to how well taken care of the staff and volunteers made sure we were, it didn’t dampen our spirits too badly. It’s hard to dampen MY spirit when I get to play a Tricky Pixie concert, anyhow!

We had a grand time listening to Kiva‘s concerts, and we got to make some mischief with our song-sister Wendy Rule during her shows! Definitely check out their music when you have time.  I was also overjoyed to get some playtime in with my flow-sister, Soolah of Soolah Hoops!  If you get your hoop on, you want this woman in your world.  She’s a dynamo, and a sweet one.


Sweet sister @soolahhoops in the rain at #NewYorkFaerieFest #hoophoop #nosunnoproblem #flow #flowOn #hoopity #joy

A photo posted by S. J. Tucker Music (@sjtuckermusic) on