Summer Queendom Part the Fourth: Books!

Green Man Review is still featuring me as their Summer Queen this month (Queen!) and they asked me about BOOKS this week! Gloriousss!

Here’s an excerpt from this, their third of several interviews with me:

What was the first book that you remember reading?

My middle name is Jane. My mother gave it to me in honor of my great aunt Jane, whom I remember from my childhood as the beautiful redheaded relative from Louisiana who always brought me new books. I still have a gorgeous, hardback illustrated collection of Greek myths that Jane brought to me when I was six or eight years old, called The Golden Fleece. That anthology was my first exposure to the Greek and Roman myths, and I still have it in my collection. In fact, that book was probably what kicked off my lifelong love of mythology and folklore. I was always encouraged to read by my family — you should see the teeming bookshelves my father built into the wall of our living room in the house where I grew up. We’re all quite bookish.

Read the full interview here!   It’s short and sweet.

I’m feeling like a Summer Queen, thanks to the Mythmusica Music & Faerie Festival, where Betsy and I will be performing tomorrow.  We got to visit the site this afternoon, and it’s a very beautiful place.  I took a nap next to the creek, which was just exactly the kind of zen I needed today.  Thanks so much to Country Creek Winery for hosting us!