Summer Queendom, part the third

The Green Man Review crew are putting my through my paces as their Summer Queen this year by posting all the interviews and reviews they’ve done with and for me and my work!  The newest post is up now, and it’s a nice, long interview conducted in early 2013, about music and community, about my various band mates and collaborators, about ravens and alligators and all my favorite things.  Here’s an excerpt:

I much prefer leaving room for brilliant, creative people to be brilliant and creative, instead of just telling them what to do.  There are times when I have a specific part in mind for someone to sing or play, but even then, I leave it open to that person’s interpretation.  When we all work together, the person who wrote the song is understood by the rest of us to be in charge.  We all love and respect each other and each other’s work; we all want to help each other shine.  I think I gain more by being open to suggestions than I would by being rigid and unbending.  Sometimes it’s a lot more fun when you don’t know precisely what you want for a song, and you can ask your friends to help you find it.

Read the full interview here!