The Magic of the Season

The magic of the season is everywhere.  We can find it in all sorts of places, people, events, and things.  One way I find it is in the tradition of hanging up the Christmas tree ornaments my late father made. They are wooden ornaments which he turned on his lathe.  I was pretty small when he made them, five or six, and I’ve been delighted by them since the first time I ever saw them.  Dad’s been gone for ten years now, but it always gives me a lift to hold these simple, elegant ornaments in my hands.  Dad loved working with wood, and he created some truly beautiful things.  His wood shop was a magical place to me when I was growing up, and he was the kind of dad who would let me keep him company out there.  I have fond memories of watching him work, reading books to him while sitting on his work stool.  Most people remember my father as a music teacher, but a very special few have examples of his woodwork in their homes, their churches, and their lives.

No two of the ornaments are the same.  I took some photos of them after hanging them on my mother’s Christmas tree yesterday.  I hope they make you smile.