This Saturday’s concert in Little Rock

I get to sing with Heather Dale one more time this month.  Check out the BIG Arthurian legend touring show project she’s working on! It includes silly pie antics. 🙂


Performing with Heather and Ben is always a treat.  We frequently mix up our setlists so that no one has to wait to hear anything- we back each other up and switch off taking the lead, and it works beautifully!  I wish everyone could experience that kind of mutual support while performing.  It’s really magical.


SO.  Gallery 360 is our venue this Saturday night!  If you’re in the area and you want to see our show, make sure you get your ticket in advance!  There are only 40 seats available at the Gallery, and we don’t want anyone left out (literally) in the rain.  Grab your tickets here.


I’ve opened up song requests on the Facebook event page for the concert!  If you’d like to request a song, please do so here.  And if you’re not on Facebook, just contact me directly to request a song. 🙂