This week: FAiRyLaNd at St. Lou Fringe!

I’m giving my concerts with the Heather Dale band this week a big push- we are performing Four times at the St. Lou Fringe Fest in St. Louis, starting tomorrow!

This is a *completely* new show for all of us, and we’re honored to get to share it with you.  The nature of a Fringe fest is that we only get a crowd if we tell our people what’s happening.

Tickets and badges are super affordable, and you can come and see us on Thursday at 7:30pm, Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 1:00pm, or Sunday at 6pm.

We’re at the same location for each show:

ANNONYarts at Sartori, 3003 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103

Click on the “Tickets” and “badges” hyperlinks up there to grab your part of the action, OR just come straight to the show!  Fringe volunteers have badges and tickets right there at the door for you.  The badge is your event pass, required to attend any Fringe show, and it costs $5- kids under 12 get badges free!  Tickets for all of our shows are $10, and the fest lets us keep it all!

If you’re on Facebook, you can help us boost the signal!  I’ve created Facebook Events for all four shows:  ThursdayFridaySaturday, and Sunday.  We’re busy posting art (thanks to Matt Hawk!) and photos as we get ready, sharing our excitement and giving you sneak peeks.  We hope you’ll check those out, for sure.

Here’s what we’re bringing to the table:

“Punk pixies. Sassy elves. Tinkerbell in combat boots. Our first international Fringe act ever grabs audiences by the hair and drags them laughing into FAIRYLAND. Forget the little storybook fairies you think you know… HEATHER DALE and S.J. TUCKER are beautiful badass myth-makers, who sing Celtic folk-rock songs about mischief and magic. Hailing from Canada and the American South, their four-piece band tours all over North America and Europe – and you won’t want to miss their wild, joyful, boot-stompin’ romp into the strange world of FAIRYLAND.”

What’s a Fringe festival?

“Imagine popping into several shows of your choice in Midtown St. Louis, ranging from traditional to experimental theater, from Shakespeare to musical theater, but also including dance, movement, improv, music, voice, slam/spoken word, performance art, fashion, vaudeville, burlesque, mime, clowning, circus arts, – all concentrated within several city blocks.”

Bonus: Ryan’s cousin Jordan Haynes and his crazy comedy group, PhAt BeeThoven, are visiting from Chicago to play Fringe with us! Our venues are exactly one block from each other.  Click the link above to check out their showtimes.  Phat Beethoven is four guys being really funny together, in all the WRONG ways.  Our show is most definitely for all ages- theirs is most definitely not. 😉

As always, thank you all for being part of this wonderful wild ride!