Tour Stuff for this month: Beltania and Heartland Pagan Festival!

I’ve got two big events in the coming weeks, and they’re both at the top of my list of favorite witchy festivals.

May 14-17 I’ll be performing and celebrating at the Living Earth Colorado’s Beltania Festival!  Betsy has her own concert there as well, and we will of course do our shared magic on stage together.  Speaking of magic, I’ll be sharing booth space with my buddies at Odyssey Craftworks/Underhill Alchemy, creators of lovely witchy metalwork-and-gemstone pendants as well as delicious perfume blends.  If you’re coming to Beltania please stop by our booth!  Rubiee of Dryad Tea and Pandora Celtica will also be my special guest on stage during the weekend.  The headlining band on Saturday is Lunar Fire! I’ve been at Faerieworlds with these music makers before, and I’m STOKED to see them again!

Joy Burton, the head mover and shaker for Beltania and Living Earth, is a great friend to me and a wonderful human being.  She is a teacher, a mom, and an organizational badass, and she gives all that she has to her spiritual community in the Denver area.  When you support Beltania, you support Joy and all of the dreams that she and her fellow Living Earth members are working to build.  I encourage you to check this festival out, not just because of how supportive Joy and the gang are of musicians like me!

***Sunday May 17 at 7pm Mtn, Betsy and I will be interviewed live in Colorado Springs by Tim Board of Front Range Radio!  Tune in to KCMJ 93.9 FM if you’re local, or listen online here.

***Monday May 18 at 1pm Pacific, I’ll be a guest on the Backstage Gourmet Radio Show with PJ Grimes!  Listen online here.  We’ll talk about tasty food and tasty music!

May 21-25 I’ll be performing, teaching and celebrating at Heartland Pagan Festival just east of Kansas City.  HPF was the first good-sized festival ever to hire me, and they were a big part of my first-ever concert tour back in the spring of 2004.  This event will be like coming home for me, made more so because my beloved peeps Big Bad Gina and Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard will also be performing on the Heartland stage this year!  Abney Park will be there with us as well, which is gonna be a trip and a half, I’m sure!  Off stage, I’ll be vending once again with my buddies Mitch and Amber Shineman, the mask makers and jewelry crafters behind SpiralFae Accents!  Stop by the booth and visit!

Camp Gaea, the land on which Heartland Pagan Festival is held, inspired my song “Hymn to Herne” and has been a very healing, transformative place for me.  I’m very grateful to Selene and the rest of the HPF team for bringing me back again this year!

Check out my tour schedule page to find out where I’m headed in June!  The big events include St. Louis Pagan Picnic, Circle Sanctuary’s Pagan Spirit Gathering, Free Spirit Gathering, and New York Faerie Fest!  It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous season, indeed.