Tour Update: AR to CA

2013 on the road is being very, very kind to me, you guys. Thank you for being part of it! Major news for now: Ryan and I are safe in L. A., looking forward to BayCon in SF this weekend! New shows confirmed for the next few weeks include house concerts in Reno NV and in Corvallis OR. I’ll be posting the info for those two shows on the Tour page shortly. I’m hoping to stop in Ashland OR around June 1st as well, waiting on confirmation.

My springtime tour started on May 4 in Little Rock, with Big Bad Gina. Big Bad Thanks to those song-Sistahs of mine, and to Gini and Susan, UUCLR, CAR and to all those who helped put on the show. BBG always let me jump on stage with them. There’s no sexy rock band I’d rather be part of from time to time. 

The following Tuesday, I make it back to Lincoln, NE for my first solo show of the year, at UUCL’s Waystation Concert Series. Thanks to Jade, Jason, Roger and his crew for helping me out! And thanks to my Nebraska peeps, big time. I couldn’t have asked for a better first solo show, a bigger boost to my confidence. I loved my six-month sojourn at home, but I’ll admit that there was a tiny piece of me, worrying that I wouldn’t remember how to get back out there and sing if I took a break. Ha! Ha, I say! Good thing Roger doesn’t mind when people blow the roof off, as long as they put it back. 

That weekend I returned to Colorado’s Beltania festival. What a treat to see Wendy Rule, Christopher Penczak, Joy Burton, Pandora Celtica, Forests of Azure, and other amazing friends/teachers/performers  again! Thanks to the Beltania community for bringing me back again, for sharing sacred space and music space with me and not holding back!

After the fest was over, Ryan and I stayed on the Front Range for a few days- there was recording to be done (more on that soon!) and an unexpected but very well-timed car repair to be dealt with. By Wednesday we were rolling again, headed to New Mexico on beautiful US highway 285, south through gentle rain, epic sunset, long desert plains and breathtaking mountains. I cannot recommend enough the drive on highway 285 between Denver and Española. Two wheels or four wheels, try it some time. 

Albuquerque holds nothing but good memories for me, and now more so than ever. Good friends gave me the chance to try acro yoga (finally!), to play on a lyra in a local aerial arts studio (think big pretty hoop instead of trapeze), to soak beneath the stars, and share music around the fire with friends and strangers. I even got to record a little bit, just for fun (gasp!) with my awesome brother Rev, didj player and maker extraordinaire! We’ll see what comes of that alchemy soon.

After taking a few hours around the rim of the Grand Canyon (my second visit, Ryan’s first), we turned our sturdy steed toward Los Angeles, where I’m posting from today, taking time to have tea with Faerieworlds phamily, and do the mundane things…like laundry, and checking in on Facebook. Hope you’re all having the perfect week. Next stop, BAYCON!!