Traveling Songs now unlocked for free listening & download of each separate tune!

Since these songs all happened because I said yes to something that scared me, I said yes to another thing that scares me: namely unlocking the whole set for previewing, free listening, and individual downloads of each song. Why’s that scary, Sooj?

Well fam, these are all rowdy and rough recordings, you see, and a good portion of them are straight up iPhone voice memos that I’ve cleaned up just a little. And let’s face it, internet randos can say really shitty things. I have a hard time not letting that blindside me on the rare occasion that it happens in my direction. I’m really laying out my guts with these tunes, unpolished as they are.

But after consulting with my fabulous online audience during my broadcast last night and getting a whole heap of support from them for the idea, my courage is up. I’ve set Traveling Songs to go public. I began offering this collection as a direct-from-the-artist promotion three years ago this month, and the results were very rewarding. We’ll see how this new method works out! I hope y’all enjoy what you hear. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂