Traveling Songs: Still Traveling!

It’s been almost a month since I announced the release of the Traveling Songs collection.  The response has been truly delightful, and I’ve gotten some super sweet feedback from fans, colleagues, and friends about the various songs included.  I’ve even learned that I have fans living in Israel!

Poet Jess Halsey put up her thoughts on her blog, and they made my day.  Below is my favorite part of her post.  She nails it.

“An album is a guided presentation of a story. Even if the listener has no idea about the destination, the map has a line and the road follows the bard’s voice. We, the ones living outside the storyteller’s head, can wander down the path and explore the story.  Traveling Songs lets you jump the border and dive into the uncharted, wild terrain of SJ’s imagination. Traveling Songs gives us the opportunity to throw the map away and listen to a pure, undiluted year’s worth of S. J.’s musical creations.”

Read the rest here, and check out Jess’s work while you’re there.


I’m back on the road this week, headed east.  I had a fantastic, intimate concert in Sunset, UT on Tuesday evening, and this weekend I’ll be performing at MALCon in Denver.  After that it’s home for a hot minute for the first time since July 4th!  HOME!  Check out the rest of the tour dates here.