Treasures and the brilliant women who make them

My birthday this year was one of epic and unexpected bling, handcrafted by other talented women. ¬†No complaints from me. ūüôā

birthdaybling1This piece was made and given to me by the beautiful Kelley Naylor Wise. ¬†Needless to say, I squealed at a frequency outside the capacity of the human ear when I opened it and held this gorgeous creature in my hands. ¬†Kelley is a dancer, a craftswoman, a fantastic friend, and a painter of no small skill. ¬†We’ve become very close very quickly, and I’m so glad. ¬†Check her out on Pinterest and Facebook.

Once I’d returned home from a family trip to the Caribbean, I found this beauty waiting for me.

photo 2


This piece was an unexpected birthday gift from its maker, the lovely Bianca Havens. ¬†Bianca has an Etsy store called Paletree Arcana, filled with similar witchy, powerful amulets. ¬†Please do visit her treasure trove and give her your support. ¬†I can’t tell you how much this gift made my day. ¬†It’s incredible to receive something handmade by someone who thinks highly of you, and who wants to create and give you something that’s just perfect for you- something you’d never have thought to seek out for yourself.