Trickster Prayer single released today!


I released my beloved song “Trickster Prayer” as a single this morning, and I hope you will all get a moment to hear and enjoy it. 
Click here to listen and download – you choose the price, as with most everything else I have available right now. Thanks to Ben Deschamps for mastering the track, my husband Ryan for helping me take the image for the cover, Sherry Kirk for the gift of that (ethically gathered & prepared) coyote skull in the cover image, and Betsy Tinney of course, for her beautiful work on cello.

It was important to me to release something new today because Bandcamp will once again give 100% of download revenue for the day to all artists like me who sell their digital music downloads and physical CDs/merch there.

I’ll be giving half of everything I make to community bail funds for the places here in the US where I’ve left my heart, and I am far and away not the only musician planning to do so.

It isn’t enough. It’s not even a speck upon the mountain of work we all must do to turn our world around where ending systemic racism is concerned, but it will, I hope, be something. With your support, it surely will.  Click here for a list of community bail funds across the US.  My plan is to send donations from today’s music earnings to the Arkansas Freedom Fund, the Mid-south Peace Community BLM Fund, and the BLM Seattle Freedom Fund, in that order.  If I make a ton of money today, I’ll contribute to additional bail funds.  If you’d like to send a donation also, please do.