Two Online Shows in March!

I’m able to do both evening and afternoon streaming concerts now after a successful one of each this past month! We had good-sized crowds for both February streams, and some new viewers as well; thank you all for staying involved! Both shows will stream on our new grassroots platform, Online Concert Thing! Go here to watch. More details below!

S. J. Tucker: Crow Moon Tunes Online Concert!

Monday, March 9 8pm CST 

Online concerts are a bit of a paradox: both as plugged in and as unplugged as you can get, all at the same time.  It makes sense that they should involve a bit of magic!  Join Sooj for some music and mischief as the Full Crow Moon (also known as the Worm Moon, the Sap Moon, and the full moon for the month of March) rises high!  Choose your own ticket price ($1 minimum, more if you wish), get comfy, and enjoy on the screen of your choice!  Exclusive moon- and corvid-themed goodies will be available in the tip rewards, and Sooj will perform original songs from her mythpunk, witchy catalogue that fit the theme of March’s full moon & its traditional names.  Sign on and be part of the magic!

S. J. Tucker: Sunday Matinee online show!

Sunday, March 29 2pm CST

Come enjoy a musical lazy Sunday with Sooj as she celebrates the recent anniversary of her very first record’s release, the slightly-belated spring equinox, and an early April Fool’s Day!  We’ll get a little silly, a little serious, and who knows what else, but the music- original songs that fit the time of year from Sooj’s fun, fanciful catalogue, will absolutely be worth your time.  So get comfy, choose your own ticket price ($1 minimum, more if you wish), and watch from wherever you are!  Online shows never run out of seats, so bring a friend, a pet, your whole trivia team; you can even take the opportunity to connect with friends far away in the chat window!     

Our new streaming platform, Online Concert Thing, is run by independent musicians, for independent musicians.  Thanks for supporting the music you love in this wacky, 21st-century way; your presence & participation make a difference!