Up the Portals!

Sharon Knight and her husband Winter have been incredibly good friends to me since we met, almost ten years ago.  Their music has inspired me, their hugs have lifted me out of dark places, and their encouragement has kept me going.  I like to think that I’ve given them the same gorgeous benefits. 🙂

The two of them have asked me to be part of their Portals project, a work-in-progress that’s already looking pretty darn stunning.
Their goal’s not far (20% of the funds have already been raised), and I encourage you to support their newest dream!  It’s not just about getting another album of music ready to go out into the world.  It’s about honoring the magic we make–something that not all of our listeners realize we practice every time we sing, write, or step onto a stage, together or apart.  It’s part of our life force, and it’s the reason we’re here, dancing and singing and working to make our world a better one.  The concept of Portals involves a band of “possibly dangerous” musicians, opening the Ways into magical worlds that are different from our own…but that’s not so very far from the truth of what we actually Do, when the lights go up.

I encourage you to check out Sharon and Winter’s music, as well as this enticing project.